Ardebil Water Supply Project

Location: Ardebil Province – Provincial Center
Client: Regional Water Company of East Azerbaijan and Ardebil Province
Project Objectives: Water supply and distribution network for the horizon of 1400 in Ardebil.

Population in 1993
Projected population until 2021

Important components of the project:

Design and supervision of water transmission facilities for all existing wells in the city through two pipeline routes to the southern and central reservoirs.
Design and construction of a 6,000 cubic meter reinforced concrete reservoir and a 600 cubic meter aerial reservoir.
Design and equipping of water transfer from dozens of wells in the Zarnas region through kilometers of collection pipelines to a 2,000 cubic meter reinforced concrete reservoir, and water transfer from this location to the final storage reservoirs in the city through a pumping station using 700 and 800 millimeter pipelines over a distance of 30 kilometers.
Design and equipping of 7 water wells in the Piraghoom region, pumping water to a 2,000 cubic meter reinforced concrete reservoir, and ultimately transferring water from this reservoir to the storage reservoirs through a gravity pipeline.
Design and construction of 4 reinforced concrete reservoirs with a total capacity of 60,000 cubic meters in Shurabil.
Design and construction of 2 chlorination systems for treating water needed for a population of approximately 1,000,000.
Design and construction of an additional pumping station to pump the required water to the existing upstream reservoirs.

Pipeline Installations:

Approximately 13 kilometers of non-rupture cast iron pipelines with diameters of 600-700 millimeters were designed and constructed along mountainous routes.
A dedicated access road for this purpose was implemented using explosives.

Water Treatment Plant:

In the final stage, a physical water treatment plant was designed to treat the water to an acceptable level for drinking purposes.