Metro and railway projects

Length of metro and railway lines
600 kilometers
The length of mechanized and NATM
70 kilometers
The length of bridges
20 kilometers
The length of surface routes
500 kilometers
The diameter of tunnels
From 6.8 meters to 8.4 meters
The number of metro and railway stations
65 stations
The number of special and non-special infrastructure projects
4 projects
The number of vehicles
335 units

The plan for Line 1 of Shiraz urban train

The plan for tunnels of the urban train in Isfahan

Design and supervision of two stations on Tehran Metro Line 6

Equipping the rolling stock of Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tabriz metro systems

Studies on the electric train for the new city of Sadra

The plan for tunnels of Tehran Metro Line 6

The plan for Line A of Qom urban train

Management of linear project plans