Design of tunnels for the urban train in Isfahan

Location: Isfahan

Client: Isfahan Urban Train and Suburbs Organization

Service Description:
Design - Construction Supervision - High-level Supervision
Line Length:
Twin Tunnel: 5.3 kilometers
Number of Stations:
7 stations (structural boxes)
Internal Diameter of Excavation:
Diameter: 6 meters
Excavation Method:
Mechanized using TBM machines
Dimensions of TBM Entry Shaft:
Segment dimensions: 15×120×19
Ground Conditions:
The ground conditions vary from hard and soft clay to silty and sandy silts, and then to sandy and gravelly soils near the river. The soft or sandy soils are heavily compacted and interlocked with large boulders and conglomerates, making the execution challenging
Segment Factory:
Precast segments with a width of 4.1 meters and a thickness of 300 millimeters are used. The rings are of Universal type, consisting of 6 segments and one key
Start Date:
Start Date: June 2002
End Date:
End Date: April 2007